Filling the hole


I found someone offering for sale the last Peanuts book that’s really on my “this would be an achievement” list, School Peanuts 1.

This is part of a series of books published for the European market to teach kids English. HavingĀ School Peanuts 2 and School Peanuts 3, this is the most painful hole left in my Peanuts collection (particularly after having just gotten the last of the Crosby golf programs I needed.)

BUT, it’s being offered for sale in Europe through a service that I cannot sign up for; it’s not designed for US addresses.

And in some way, that’s a little bit of a relief. Because if I got that… I might pause and wonder if maybe this is enough. Maybe, having filled that hole, it might be time to stop collection. After all, even if I were to have every Peanuts book ever made, it would be temporary. Some day, I shall pass… and after that, when the next Peanuts book is issued, my collection would not longer be complete.

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