Filling the hole


I found someone offering for sale the last Peanuts book that’s really on my “this would be an achievement” list, School Peanuts 1.

This is part of a series of books published for the European market to teach kids English. Having School Peanuts 2 and School Peanuts 3, this is the most painful hole left in my Peanuts collection (particularly after having just gotten the last of the Crosby golf programs I needed.)

BUT, it’s being offered for sale in Europe through a service that I cannot sign up for; it’s not designed for US addresses.

And in some way, that’s a little bit of a relief. Because if I got that… I might pause and wonder if maybe this is enough. Maybe, having filled that hole, it might be time to stop collection. After all, even if I were to have every Peanuts book ever made, it would be temporary. Some day, I shall pass… and after that, when the next Peanuts book is issued, my collection would not longer be complete.

Pawlowski retires

Stan Pawlowski, the long time sculptor of Peanuts items who I interviewed on the AAUGH Blog Podcast, has announced his retirement as of today, for safety reasons. (His aging hands and health are not compatible with “working with torches and harsh chemicals”, he notes.) He has done a lot of …

Samurai Snoopy

My pal Walter Simonson, artist of the famed Batman story set to the text of “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night”, decided to do a little fan art and I cannot resist sharing.   Because at some point, I had nothing better to do. 😉 Pencil. 8 x 10. …

The better-known Peanuts

I am reminded from time to time that the Peanuts that is clearly part of the culture is the Peanuts that existed during the first half of the strip’s run…. and that this is true even for people who were not alive at that time. Even if you were born …