Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: a review

Here at the AAUGH Blog, we don’t do subjective movie reviews. Anyone can do those, and thus they are not to be trusted. No, we measure movies along very specific and objective standards, making our reviews trustworthy. From an AAUGH Blog review, you can go into the theater knowing what to expect.

And today on our review slate isĀ Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino’s homage to flimland of the 1960s. The film starts Brad Pitt as a stunt man, and Leonardo DiCaprio as the TV/movie star with whom he stars. The film is long, about 2:40, and features a large supporting cast. But is it any good? For that, we must ask the one question on which all AAUGH Blog Reviews hinge:

Does it include any Peanuts references in it?

The answer is yes, to a degree. There is a scene where the song “Snoopy vx. the Red Baron” is being played. And while Snoopy is actually not named during the clip of the song being played, that does mean that in the credits to the film, the name Snoopy does appear in the music credits.

Three stars.

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