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I still haven’t gotten around to reviewing the new book from Hallmark that arrived earlier this week when I find that they’ve unleashed another title. Family is… Always Being Together.

This book is obviously an attempt to bring a Happiness is a Warm Puppy sensibility to something built around strip reprints rather than original individual drawings.

I’m getting a slight amusement from the “Family is…” – those three dots (“ellipsis” for those of you desiring more precise punctuation terminology) are not a particularly Peanuts-y style. Titles like Happiness is a Warm Puppy or Security is a Thumb and a Blanket didn’t use that. No, that calls to another syndicated comics feature, Love Is… – although that series does have a Peanuts connection, as Peanuts comic book artist and Schulz studiomate Dale Hale ghosted Love Is… for a while.

It’s available for immediate order, and Hallmark has some sort of free shipping deal going on at the moment.


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