What is and is not exclusive at that Peanuts offsite

As I mentioned a couple posts back, the Super7 store in San Diego will be doing a Peanuts pop-up within the shop starting on the Friday of San Diego con. The earliest release made it sound like this was just a launch for their products, but (alas for those who want things), it turns out that much of what they’ll be selling are meant to be exclusively available during the convention, and will be hard to lay hands on afterward.

What’s not exclusive:

These are non-exclusive and $15 per:

And these blind-box items, six different designs, each of which is available in four colors, for four bucks per:

What is exclusive:

This lovely thing, which would actually make quite a display item, is $195.

This is twenty bucks:

These pins, $15 each (if I get anything there, it will probably be the Snoopy pin:

A thousand pieces of jigsaw puzzle fun for a mere two cents per piece!

Pennants for $25 each. Paying that much for a pennant that just says “Good Grief” would indeed make me say “good grief!”

Six smackers for a set of puffy stickers.

$12 per for these drinking glasses.

And to carry it all home… a $25 tote bag!

It’s at times like this that I’m glad that I pretty much limit my collection to books!

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Pop! goes the Snoopy

If you want to get all the Comic-Con exclusive Peanuts space items, you’ll have to go beyond the Peanuts booth. Head on over to the Funko booth, and stand in line, and you’ll be able to buy this Astronaut Snoopy figure. I admit, as much as I like some Pops, …