blatantly cool Peanuts toys/not toys


One of the nifty things about how the San Diego Comic-Con has grown over its 50 years of existence (I’ve only attended… oh, probably 30. Egad.) is that the convention has outgrown the convention center and spills out for many blocks around. Various companies and groups, not wanting to pay for/not being able to make it into/seeking to do something too large for the Official Convention Space take over parking lots, restaurants, stores, parks, and any space they can manage to wrangle. And because these things are outside the bounds of the convention, they are often open to everyone, not just those of us who have managed to get badges.

And so if you’re a Peanuts fan who happens to be in San Diego on the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of the con, you can wander down to 701 Eighth Avenue to the Super 7 store and be among the first to purchase their new line of meant-for-adults Peanuts officially-not-toys-for-legal-reason items. And are they nice?

For some of those, I’m sure you can recall the specific panel that’s being reproduced. They’re doing a deep dive to get interesting images. Want something larger than those 3.75″ items?

That would either be the most wonderful thing that you own or the creature that haunts your nightmares.

They will also have other stuff in their new Peanuts line, including stickers and apparel. It doesn’t open until 9 PM on Friday, July 19, so you’ve still got a couple weeks to get down there. (And to be clear, this appears to be just a launch, not a set of convention-exclusive items, so you should be able to get them beyond the con.)

Peanuts stuff at Comic-Con

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What is and is not exclusive at that Peanuts offsite

As I mentioned a couple posts back, the Super7 store in San Diego will be doing a Peanuts pop-up within the shop starting on the Friday of San Diego con. The earliest release made it sound like this was just a launch for their products, but (alas for those who …

Pop! goes the Snoopy

If you want to get all the Comic-Con exclusive Peanuts space items, you’ll have to go beyond the Peanuts booth. Head on over to the Funko booth, and stand in line, and you’ll be able to buy this Astronaut Snoopy figure. I admit, as much as I like some Pops, …