So much for Sunday being a day of rest

Coming in January is No Rest for the Easter Beagle, a level 2 Ready-to-Read book. Tina Gallo is handling the words, Scott Jeralds the pictures. The Peanuts kids take on coloring and hiding eggs so that the Beagle can take a break. Two pages of stickers in the paperback version only, none in the hardcover (because that’s largely made for libraries, and they hate removable things, because they get removed), and none on the Kindle edition (to little surprise.)

Upcoming releases
Confessions of a Blockhead

I have avoided doing much coverage of Peter Robbins, the voice of Charlie Brown in the earliest animated specials, in this blog. His crimes and his mental health issues, while salacious, really are outside the focus of The AAUGH Blog. However, with his release from prison comes some news that …

Upcoming releases
Peanuts things to come

There are books coming up, and I’m going to knock out a few quickly in this message so I don’t have to think of them any more. Snoopy Goes to School – a children’s book in which Snoopy, well, goes to school. Art by Robert Pope. Coming in June. The …

Animated Peanuts
It’s the Pop-up Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

In a few days, Hallmark is releasing another book adaptation of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. This is one of the times that they try to give you a surprise of one pop-up in a book that’s not advertised as a pop-up… but, since it credits pop-up artist Brian …