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If you’re my age (and I don’t know if you are, but I sure am!) you never really bought trading cards. Technically, you bought a stick of gum, and they threw in a pile of trading cards. This had several effects, including allowing the manufacturer to claim they were not an illegal monopoly on trading cards but a legal competitor in gum; getting the preferred tax status for foods; and saddling many collectors with finding that decades-old gum has now fused to cards in their previously unopened packs.

I think about this when I see the listing for “Peanuts 2020 Commemorative Print with Wall Calendar“, which is phrased as to convince you that what you’re really buying is this one piece of paper with a Peanuts picture to hang on your wall, and that the other twelve Peanuts pictures designed to be hung on your wall throughout the year are just a bonus. It’s that one picture that you buy to commemorate the strip’s 70th anniversary.

(Note: It’s actually thirteen other pictures, as they have a single page covering the last four months of 2019.)


Upcoming releases
The Peanuts Book cover

We now have a cover for The Peanuts Book, the “visual history of the iconic comic strip” scheduled for September (and available for preorder at the link.) I had a minor professional involvement with this volume, so I’ll stick to my ethics (which involve not reviewing books where I’m involved …

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The AAUGH Blogger’s next Peanuts book

Scheduled for September is Be More Snoopy. Let me leave the description of it in the hands of DK Publishing, who put out this blurb: A humorous pocket-sized guide to living your best life, inspired by the world’s most iconic daydreaming beagle. A Snoopy-ism a day keeps the blues away. Philosopher, …

Upcoming releases
The Gang’s going soft!

In October, I told you about a hardcover book that appeared to be a Costco exclusive, collecting two of the AMP kid-aimed strip reprint books, Snoopy: Cowabunga! and Charlie Brown and Friends. Now it looks like those of you who are not Costco members will get a shot at this book as …