Snoopy-Cha, Kyoto

The Snoopyness of my current Japan trip increased greatly today when I stopped by Snoopy-Cha, a cafe and gift shop located in the middle of a interesting and crowded market area. It’s a two-story place; the bottom is a gift shop and the topic is the cafe. I didn’t find anything I really needed at the gift shop, they didn’t have any books which always saddens me in the shop like that. I feel that if you’re going to carry a lot of Peanuts stuff should have at least one collection of the strip in there just to have a foot in the basics of what Peanuts is.

The food in the cafe is all designed to look like Peanuts characters or have Peanuts characters printed on it and that gives the place its novelty as well as his excuse to charge more than would be reasonable at such a place. I paid about $30 for what should have been a $20 meal at best but the rice was shaped like Snoopy and there were Snoopy carrot slices and the iced tea had a Snoopy marshmallow floating in it. A lot of people just get desserts which are smaller and cheaper.

I was not only the only white person among the 16 customers when I arrived I was the only male. I guess that it’s not surprising that going to a Snoopy Cafe might be a bit feminine in nature, although I have no apologies for my choice to do so. The decor was nice, and a server even chased me down after I forgot my hat at the table.if you happen to be in Kyoto I certainly recommend that you stop by.

Out of the evacuation zone

Breath easy (although if you’re around here, not too deeply.) The evacuation zone has been pulled back, the Schulz Museum is now outside of it. As for the AAUGH offices… well, we’re much closer to fires than we were this time yesterday. The Reagan Library is about 10 miles away. …

Fire update

People have been asking me to keep them updated on the fire in Santa Rosa. I can’t promise to keep this up constantly, but here’s the map at the moment. The fires have definitely been heading toward the museum and surrounding buildings, and are at this point about 4 miles …

Fire, again

It is once again fire season in California, and the main fire of note is in the area where much of the Peanuts work is done. As you’ll see below, the museum is within the evacuation area, and will be closed until, well, at least until it isn’t. It’s toward …