Peanuts sightings in Japan


I’m still recovering from the cold that I picked up in Japan (which luckily didn’t strike fully until I was  back), but here are a few stray things that I saw while there.

A vending machine of Snoopy charms. (There were also similar “Gacha capsule” machines with three Snoopy figures.)

All the arcades there are filled with claw-type machines called UFOs, and some are nothing but. I saw a few built around Peanuts-y prizes.

Kids’ pyjamas. Not in my size, aaugh!

The Uniqlo store chain had their own Peanuts apparel, focused on skateboarding and surfing. Not riding a board of any sort, I avoided the temptation.

I found myself faced with this Charlie Brown when I was headed down the stairs out of the train station by the stadium where the Marines baseball team plays.

An ad for an online restaurant guide and reservation website.


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