Peanuts sightings in Japan


I’m still recovering from the cold that I picked up in Japan (which luckily didn’t strike fully until I was  back), but here are a few stray things that I saw while there.

A vending machine of Snoopy charms. (There were also similar “Gacha capsule” machines with three Snoopy figures.)

All the arcades there are filled with claw-type machines called UFOs, and some are nothing but. I saw a few built around Peanuts-y prizes.

Kids’ pyjamas. Not in my size, aaugh!

The Uniqlo store chain had their own Peanuts apparel, focused on skateboarding and surfing. Not riding a board of any sort, I avoided the temptation.

I found myself faced with this Charlie Brown when I was headed down the stairs out of the train station by the stadium where the Marines baseball team plays.

An ad for an online restaurant guide and reservation website.


Campaign Peanuts

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Stop the search

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