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Heading our way in October is the Peanuts Holiday Cookbook, a cookbook of holiday foods featuring the Peanuts character. (Hey, does it sometimes seem like I’m getting paid by the word for writing this, like I’ll say a title and then repeat the information that is clearly in that title, pointlessly pumping up the word count? Or I’ll do some long aside that doesn’t really add to the main point of the post? I should try to stop doing that. I should try very very very very very very very very hard.) Now this one is heading our way from the publisher Weldon Owen, who I thought did a very nice job last year on the Peanuts Family Cookbook, so I’m expecting good things here.

Now, this book coming in October doesn’t mean that it’s just aimed at the Thanksgiving-to-New Years holiday corridor. No, this seems more positioned to make it a Christmas present than a Christmas cookbook. The titles aren’t all plays on Peanuts characters, but they are certainly there, including some deeper dives like Goose Egg Nog or Truffles’s Truffles (at least, I hope its Truffles’ Truffles and not, as the solicitation copy suggests, Truffle’s Truffles. The proper number of s’s is important!) But rather than me ramble on about the book, let me just give you the solicitation copy:

Join the Peanuts gang for some of their favorite year-round holiday treats! From Charlie Brown’s? (Un) Happy Birthday Cake and Snoopy’s Dogdish Apple Pie to Linus’ Lemon Drop Bars and The Great Pumpkin Cheesecake, Charles Schulz’s beloved characters inspire delightful riffs on delicious, kid- friendly recipes for every occasion. A colorful array of classic comic strips and original illustrations offers festive embellishment on every page.

Peanuts Holiday Cookbook brings the whole family together for irresistible goodies to make for year-round holidays and special occasions. Featuring over 50 delicious recipes—from spooky Halloween candy to whimsical Christmas gingerbread doghouses—and more than 75 classic comic strips and original illustrations, kids will share the kitchen with Charles Schulz’s beloved characters, including Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus, Pig Pen, Schroeder, and many more!

Recipes include:
Spring & Summer Treats

Sally’s Chocolate Smacks
Violet’s Valentine’s Candies
Charlie Brown’s Valentine’s Snicker-Snacks
Little Red-Headed Velvet Cupcakes
St. Patty’s Irish Soda Bread
Shamrock Cookies
Snoopy’s Pot o’ Gold
Flying Ace Root Beer Float
Jose Peterson’s Bundt Cake
“Pitcher” of Sparkling Apple Cider
April Fool
Woodstock’s Coconut Meringue Egg Nest
6 Bunny Wunny Carrot Cakes)
No-Bake Coconut Candies
Easter Egg Lollipops
Linus’s Lemon Drop Bars
Rerun’s Mother’s Day Mango Smoothie
Pig Pen’s Dirt Cake
Lucy’s Tree-Planting Cupcakes
Woodstock’s Churro Chürps
Spike’s Father Day Marshmallows
Charlie Brown’s (Un)Happy Birthday Cake
Worry-Free Sundae
Schroeder’s Piano Key Lime Pie
Flying Ace Rocket Pop
Lucy’s Peach Clobber
Eudora’s Adorable S’moras

Autumn & Winter Treats
Monster Crispies
Pumpkin Spice Bars
Boo-Nilla Ghost Milkshakes-
Gimme Some Candy!
Lucy’s Witch’s Hat Cookies
The Great Pumpkin Cheesecake
Apple Charlotte Braun
Pigpen’s Pecan Pie
Snoopy’s Dog-Dish Apple Pie
Peppermint Pattycake
Linus’s Marshmallow Hot Chocolate
Marcie’s No-Fudge
Snoopy’s Gingerbread Doghouse
Spike’s Chocolate-Dipped Waffles
Kite-Eating Tree Bark
The Goose Eggs Nog
Franklin’s Fruitcake
Snoopy’s Snowflakes
Yule (Regret It) Logs
Contraband Candy Canes
Charlie Brown’s Tuxedo Cookies
Truffle’s Truffles
Slingshot Snowballs
Lucy’s Wump-Dump Cake

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