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Greatest hits

From the wall of a guitar store in Los Angeles, California.


Animated Peanuts
The First Thanksgiving.

It’s common knowledge that A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving first aired on November 20, 1973. You can find that fact on the show’s IMDb page, or its Wikipedia page… at least if you check right now, before I get it fixed. You see, like much common knowledge, it appears to be wrong. …

Dialogue balloon from the August 15, 1960 Peanuts
Greatest hits
Errors Live Forever

Charles Schulz was a stickler about language in his strip. You could see it in the way he included accurate shorthand or transcribed musical notes, the written language of music. He paid close attention to his punctuation. But all of that does not mean that he didn’t make mistakes. For …

An age-old problem

In the US, one typically starts kindergarten at the age of 5. Charlie Brown was attending school before we first saw Linus, who was a baby at the time. Linus was attending school before Sally was born. Sally was attending school before Rerun was born. Rerun started school before the …