Coming covers.

Upcoming releases

We’ve got covers for some of the upcoming releases!

The cover for the kid-targeted strip collection Charlie Brown: All Tied Up really helps straighten up the confusion between being tied down and being tied up. This is clearly up.

Christmas is Here! is a children’s storybook that’s intended to help you find the location of Christmas on a map, I reckon. (It’s somewhere near Easter Island. Christmas being short for Christ-landmass. It’s just short of the New Year’s Date Line. This is why they don’t let me teach school, people!) Anyway, it looks like Snoopy is taking Woodstock for a walk in a wok.

Peanuts: The Poster Book (or, as Amazon’s listing is calling it, The Peanuts Poster Book) is  a poster book containing posters, in book form. (Actually, according to the cover, it’s not even posters, it’s “prints”.) It would be nice to know what size these things are. These are meant to be “suitable for framing,” so probably not too large.

Upcoming releases
Upcoming books of Schulz interviews and Sundays

Coming from Fantagraphics in October is “What Cartooning Really Is”: The Major Interviews with Charles Schulz. This offers up four interviews with Sparky, conducted by Fantagraphics head Gary Groth, film critic Leonard Maltin, novelist Laurie Colwin, and comics historian Rick Marschall. For those with a hefty Peanuts research bookshelf, the …

Upcoming releases
The new Only Necessary cover

AAUGH Blog reader Asher kindly pointed out that I had messed up including a link to my review of the previous edition of the Chip Kidd book Only What’s Necessary, so I’ve fixed that post, and here’s the link again! Meanwhile, we now have a front cover image for the …

Upcoming releases
Not just a Peanuts book, THE Peanuts Book

Coming out this fall for the 70th anniversary of Peanuts is a 200 page hardcover that is titled simply The Peanuts Book. (There is a chance that I will have a very minor involvement in this book, so out of caution, I’m raising the ethics flag and just running the …