Lucy, the book

Catching up on recent purchases, we have¬†Lucy, a hardcover collection of Lucy-centric stories from the Boom! comic books – so if you have all the comic books, or all the trade paperback collections thereof, then you have all this stuff. But it is a collection with a lot of good artists in it – Vicki Scott, Robert Pope, Stephanie Gladden, Scott Jeralds, and so forth. Some of the usual suspects on the writing list… but not me.

(That’s not a complaint. I was curious whether one of my comic book tales would end up in one of these hardcover books. So far, none of them have wound up in the Charlie Brown, Snoopy, or Lucy volumes. The next volume up is Linus, and none of the ten stories I wrote are good candidates for that. Will there be more volumes after that? None have been announced yet… and given that Kaboom! has said that they plan to cut back the number of items they publish by 15% this year, that casts just that much more doubt on not only this set, but on whether there’s a second volume of reprints of the 20th century Peanuts comic books.)

This might make a good gift for the Lucy fan in your life, but if you’re just a general Peanuts fan, it makes more sense to go with the paperback collections of the comic book series.

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New releases
“Mad Libs” now sounds like the title of a Fox News commentary show

Digging through the pile of detritus that accumulates around my workspace, I just found an unopened Amazon envelope that had been there for a while. Inside? A copy of¬†Snoopy Mad Libs, the second Peanuts volume for this classic word game, where someone lists specific sorts of words and a friend …

New releases
Review: Lucy: Speak Out!

As I’ve said before, the folks at Andrews McMeel Publishing produce a series of good solid basic strip reprint books for kids. Hitting stores tomorrow (and available for preorder now, naturally) is Lucy: Speak Out!, the 12th volume in this series. While AMP started with sequential strip reprints, by this …