Review: My First 100 Peanuts Words

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The first entry in the board book My First 100 Peanuts Words is Charlie Brown, which is arguably either two words or not a word at all. Like all of the 101 other entries in this book, it is accompanied by an illustration of the subject (or, in the case of music, a picture of note symbols on a staff, which is not in itself music but rather a transcription of music that may be used to recreate it.) The entries are organized into two-page spreads by subject, such as “Charlie Brown’s World,” “Playtime,” and “Camp.”

In terms of they physical format, it’s a 5″x8″ puffy cardboard cover. The pages in its dozen spreads are medium-weight cardboard, not the ultra-thick material of the bookx meant for the youngest set (this is listed as being for kids 2 to 5.) That also means that for a thorough review, I didn’t have to put it in my mouth and taste-test it.

The text is by May Nakamura, and the art is by Vicki Scott.

The ending is (SPOILER WARNING) beach ball.

New releases
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