Review: You’re a Good Kid, Charlie Brown

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  • Limericks can be tricky to form.
  • Their rhyme scheme has a well-defined norm.
    • They all go in this way:
    • it’s A A B B A
  • And the last line should hit like a storm.


  • And yet writers must be really slick
  • to tell folks that its a limerick.
    • For line three and then four
    • you must indent some more
  • than one, two, and five; that does the trick.


  • My problem with this one Hallmark book
  • into which I did just take a look,
    • oh, each page, it is fine
    • but has only one line.
  • So the rhyme scheme? It can be mistook.


  • They call it a board book (it is not)
  • But its meant to fill the board book’s spot,
    • to be read right out aloud
    • to an observing crowd
  • or a child or maybe just a tot.


  • The reader on his first reading through
  • will be unaware of what to do
    • Because page number five
    • Will not properly jive
  • with page six, where the rhyme is not true.


  • It’s just on the last page in the back
  • that they say how you’re meant to attack
    • the rhythmic delivery.
    • Do it improperly,
  • And the book will seem horribly slack.


  • You must take the time to rehearse
  • to avoid that unfortunate curse.
    • Do not choose to recite
    • before getting it right,
  • Or else you’ll surely be bad to verse.

You’re a Good Kid, Charlie Brown, written by Bill Gray, illustrated by Rich LaPierre

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