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I hadn’t checked out the Japanese books in a while, and I’ll probably be doing a post soon on the cool covers I’ve found since my last stab at that, but… look at these! This is Snoopy Travel The World, a “healing scratch art” book, and I think what it is is that you see a white-on-black printed page, and you scratch away at the white to reveal the color underneath, and the pages that are shown as full of color without lines are the full page that is under the lined layer, and you’re really not supposed to see that all, but all of it is so lovely! Anyway, if these sample pages catch your eye (click to enlarge), head on over to the book’s listing at the Japanese Amazon site, click on the cover, and look through the rest of ’em!

New releases
Review: Good Grief, Charlie Brown

So life has been full, and even after I got around to ordering Good Grief, Charlie Brown: Celebrating Snoopy and the Enduring Power of Peanuts, and even after it arrived slowly from England, I let it sit around for over a month before finally getting around to giving it a good …

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The Charlie Brown Christmas that slipped by me

So there I was, burning off some time in the mall waiting for my daughter’s movie to let out, so hey, I head into the Hallmark, figure I’ll look at some of the Peanuts stuff that I’m not going to buy (one thing about focusing on books is that it …

New releases
“Mad Libs” now sounds like the title of a Fox News commentary show

Digging through the pile of detritus that accumulates around my workspace, I just found an unopened Amazon envelope that had been there for a while. Inside? A copy of Snoopy Mad Libs, the second Peanuts volume for this classic word game, where someone lists specific sorts of words and a friend …