Nothing better to do than post more Japanese Peanuts books

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Back to venturing through Japanese Peanuts publications, relying on my complete inability to read Japanese and my lack of experience with their culture. For example, I am very unsure what the Snoopy 3Way Book is. I suspect it is far more innocent than a US publication with “threeway” in the title would be.

The title Snoopy My Book makes “Snoopy” sound like a verb to me, but the cover is nice.Lest all the characters-as-iconography examples suggest otherwise, Japan does offer actual strip collections, such as these decade-based examples both in black-and-white and in color


…as well as books that take the history of Peanuts at least reasonably seriously, like this A to Z guide to Peanuts. (I like that one of the entries depicted at the Japanese Amazon page for this book shows the entry for “Kodak”, covering the use of Peanuts in The Brownie Book of Picture-Taking, a particular favorite of mine.)And hey, if you want something that you can click through on to get to the US Amazon, it looks like they actually have some of the interactive-kids-book-and-a-stuffed-Snoopy box set Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown! in stock!





New releases
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New releases
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