Japanese Snoopy books galore


I like that this Snoopy cookie cookbook (cookiebook? cookbookie?):

…uses the same Snoopy/Woodstock picture as this Snoopy, umm, dolphin repair manual(? guessing):

…and Amazon Japan even advertised them to me right next to each other!

Also available: Snoopy and Woodstock Slide into Asgard!:

Please note that this strip collection, which is genuinely titled Love is Liking People, I’m not making that one up, and which really is in Japanese despite the all-English cover, uses an entirely different image:


Snoopy escapes the bounds of the book and journeys into the third dimension!

Snoopy’s Guide to a Balanced Diet… Balanced On Your Head!


Oh, and since I said on the podcast “click through on any Amazon link and they’ll give me a kickback on anything you order”, I should note that that doesn’t apply to Amazon Japan links like the ones above. But hey, here’s an Amazon US link for a book just released: A Valentine for LinusYou can support the AAUGH Blog effort by clicking on that before your Amazon shopping.

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Classic finds
The Czechs came in the mail (yes, yes, every joke about Czech is how it sounds like “check”. The world is that simple.)

The books I ordered from the Czech Republic arrived yesterday. They took two months to get here, but that’s fine – shipping that isn’t slow isn’t cheap. These books are 2007-2008 translations of Love is Walking Hand in Hand. Happiness is a Warm Puppy, and Educating Peanuts. If you don’t recall that …

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