Not that Charlie Brown. Not even quite Charlie Brown.

Coming out this coming week: A Sharla Brown Christmas!

Not That Charlie Brown
Back then, it meant “courting”

Charlie Brown, you have been making love to my sister for quite a while, an’ if you let me go now, I will consent. From Fun in a Post Office: A farce in one act, by E. Henri Bauman, 1888 Share this:

Not That Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown’s woman trouble

“I won’t marry Charlie Brown–never–and it’s very cruel in you to say anything about it!” interrupted Kitty, with flashing eyes, but with a great tremble in her voice. “I will never marry anybody!” “But Katherine Forrester, Charlie Brown loves you!” “I don’t care if he does.” “And you love him.” …

Not That Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown shows

On Wednesday, September 7, 1887, a horse named Charlie Brown, owned by one H.P. Brown, came in third place at a race at the annual fair for California’s Seventeenth Agricultural District, consisting of Placer and Nevada County. This would have been more impressive had there been more than three horses …