Not that Charlie Brown. Not even quite Charlie Brown.

Coming out this coming week: A Sharla Brown Christmas!

Not That Charlie Brown
Back then, it meant “courting”

Charlie Brown, you have been making love to my sister for quite a while, an’ if you let me go now, I will consent. From Fun in a Post Office: A farce in one act, by E. Henri Bauman, 1888

Not That Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown’s woman trouble

“I won’t marry Charlie Brown–never–and it’s very cruel in you to say anything about it!” interrupted Kitty, with flashing eyes, but with a great tremble in her voice. “I will never marry anybody!” “But Katherine Forrester, Charlie Brown loves you!” “I don’t care if he does.” “And you love him.” …

Not That Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown shows

On Wednesday, September 7, 1887, a horse named Charlie Brown, owned by one H.P. Brown, came in third place at a race at the annual fair for California’s Seventeenth Agricultural District, consisting of Placer and Nevada County. This would have been more impressive had there been more than three horses …