Boogie Down, Snoopy!

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The choice to focus on disco Snoopy for the cover, title, and back cover strip of Snoopy: Boogie Down!, the 11th in the Andrew McMeel Peanuts For Kids series of strip reprints, is an interesting one. On one hand, it’s a non-generic image, and that’s good. On the other hand, the target audience may not be aware of “disco fever”, may not recognize that Snoopy is wearing an outfit inspired by the 1977 film¬†Saturday Night Fever, may never even have seen that R-rated film. (Admittedly, the target audience had a bit of an advantage back in 1978 when the strips in this book came out, as there was briefly a bowdlerized PG-rated version of the film in theaters.) But I hope they appreciate it, because there is also a poster of Snoopy in that white suit bound into the back of the book. (Also in the back: an brief article on the history of Snoopy dancing.)

But yes, this in Sunday and colorized dailies from 1978, including the introduction of Eudora. This collection is relatively light on Charlie Brown, has a good mix of Peppermint Patty in there, some Sally. And just a li’l Whirlybeagle.


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