Review: Snoopy’s Christmas Surprise

The just-released kids storybook, Snoopy’s Christmas Surprise, is one of the lesser of writer Jason Cooper’s efforts on the characters, at least for my tastes (but admittedly, this book is not aimed at those of us in the double-digits of years, which I most definitely am.) The story – Snoopy is missing Spike, who cannot afford to come visit for Christmas, so the kids try to cheer him up – doesn’t feel particularly Peanutsy. It’s a basic, ultimately-feel-good story that could be told with any characters, with some Peanuts character aspects layered on, but blandly.

But the sticker page in the back? Ahhh, that’s very Peanutsy! Snoopy sleeping on his back on a Christmas tree! Santa Snoopy! A joyous Santa Charlie Brown! Peppermint Patty sledding down a hill with a scared Marcie on the sled behind her! A Christmas tree cactus! The sticker page is joyous!

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