The Sneaky Little Beagle

The big store chain called Hallmark has got another book

I went on the web to try to have a look!

The site said “a sale! But exceptions do apply!”

And books were an exception, so li’l Nat did cry.

That’s right, Hallmark is in the midst of a sale on “Peanuts gifts” to celebrate Snoopy’s birthday… but apparently books aren’t “gifts”. But hey, I just ordered the new book, The Sneaky Little Beagle, anyway. Should have it in a week, and I’ll review it then…. but I wanted to mention it now so that if any of you want to take advantage of that non-book sale, you’d know.

As for the book, the description on the Hallmark page indicates that it’s a Halloween story about Snoopy set to the tune of “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” The site says “Snoopy sneaks through the story in his spider suit, preparing to pop out for a big surprise at the end!” What could the surprise be? Well, I think that the fact that the front cover of the book credits a “pop-up artist”, while none of the sample pages that the website shows has any pop-ups, is a bit of a spoiler.

Also available: Snoopy Spider Musical Stuffed Animal With Motion.

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