The end of a Peanuts run

I’ve got in my hands volume 10 of the KaBoom! Peanuts trade paperback series, which means that set is now complete; they’ve reprinted all of the issues of the KaBoom Peanuts comic book. This one reprints just two issues: issue 32 of volume 2 of the main series, plus the one-shot Friends Forever from 2016. That was an extra-thick issue, which helps balance out the fact that most of these collections held four issues of material. (By the way, the copyright information on the book gets it wrong, saying that it reprints #31 rather than #32.)

And hey, this includes the first comic book appearance of Milo and the rest of the Goose Eggs!

It will be interesting to see what life these stories have in the future. With the imminent issuing of a book of the Dell Peanuts comics, we see that such things can come back… and in the case of the new comics, it’s easier, because digital files exist that they could be reprinted from. As the comic book rights to various properties hop from publisher to publisher, they often bring with them the rights to reprint older material. (Boom! actually just reprinted a coulpe stories that I did a fair while back for the Power Rangers comics.)

As one of the people who contributed to this series, I’m proud of the effort. There was some good work (especially in the coloring department, not mentioned enough) and a lot of honest effort.

And hey, if you’re a fan of this comic book series, there’s a chance for a good deed to be done. Over at the Grand Comic Book Database (at, they’re trying to build a database of every comic book ever, with full credits, cover images, and so forth. And they’re doing a really good job… but the information on the Kaboom Peanuts series is rather scant. If you feel like gathering information from your issues to fill in the blanks, go for it! I’ve done some work on other series for them, it’s not very hard.

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