Peanuts panel at Comic-Con 2018

The San Diego Comic-Con is two weeks today, and the schedule is (slowly) being released. Today it was announced that at noon on Friday will be the panel Peanuts Family Album, which is a discussion of the more minor characters in the strip’s line-up. The panel is run by Andrew Farago, who (in addition to being the curator at the Comic Art Museum in San Francisco) is the author of a book called The Complete Peanuts Family Album. (You may recall me chatting with him on the podcast.) My pal Lonnie Milsap, of the “bacön” strip and The New Yorker, will also be on the panel. As will Lex Fajardo (creator of Kid Beowulf as well as Senior Editor of Publishing at Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates), Rachel Fellman (of the Schulz Museum), animator Jeff Pidgeon (who also does voice work – you know those green aliens in the claw machine in Toy Story? Those are him!) Oh, and Nat Gertler – that’s me, the AAUGH Blogger!

As I said, noon on Friday – but it’s not in the convention center. Comic-Con has overflown the convention center, so this talk will be in the nearby Marriott Marquis, in the room Grand 9.

But that’s not your only chance to see ye olde AAUGH Blogger. On Thursday at noon, come on up to room 32AB of the convention center for the About Comics 20th Anniversary panel. That’s right, I’ve been a publisher for two full decades. Mr. Farago has kindly agreed to moderate the panel. Helping me talk about what I’ve done will be comics creators Scott McCloud (yeah, the Understanding Comics guy!), Lea Hernandez (have you seen her work on Teen Titans Go!) and Jim MacQuarrie (who some of you might know as the Word Nerd.) Come on up, say hi, help me celebrate having done the same thing so long!

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My new license plate frame

Now everywhere I drive is considered a deductible advertising expense, right? RIGHT?? I really wanted to make the top line (heart)PEANUTS? but the build-your-own-frame set had no question marks. Which is a bad thing. Unquestionably. Share this:

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Mission Accomplished

While there were lots of bits of business that I had to get done at Comic-Con last week, the one purchase I felt was absolutely necessary was to get a copy of Mission Out of Control, the convention-exclusive Peanuts comic book. After all, I’m the guy who chronicles these things. This …

Snoopy wins an award, and some nun news

At last night’s Eisner Awards, generally considered the biggest awards in the American comics scene, the big thick hardcover strip collection Celebrating Snoopy took home the trophy in the category of “Best Archival Collection/Project – Strips”. Congratulations to the fine folks who put that book together… and to Snoopy himself! And …