Peanuts back in space!

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The Peanuts folks have put out a press release announcing a new effort with NASA, the National Air and Space Administration, about their plans to generate new educational content and a school curriculum for teaching about deep space exploration. They say that more details will be released at Comic-Con next week. This certainly explains the space theme of this year’s exclusive Comic-Con product.

Peanuts and space are things that have gone well together for half a century now…. and something that I’ve really enjoyed working with in my Peanuts work, whether it was interviewing an astronaut for material on The Silver Snoopy for my book The Peanuts Collection, or writing a story where Lucy explained how NASA installs stars in the sky (which you can see in volume 4 of the Kaboom! Peanuts collections.) I look forward to seeing what they do with it.

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Trusting journalism is hard

Did Schulz get idea from his kids? Was his dog like Snoopy? This 1957 article makes it clear: the answer to both questions is “no”! This 1958 article begs to differ! 40 SHARES Share Tweet this thing Follow the AAUGH Blog

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Christo R.I.P.

The artist Christo, famed for humongous fabric installations that permeated the landscape or wrapped around large items, has passed away from natural causes at 84. His relevance for Peanuts is that he was not only mentioned in the strip, but he interacted with its world, as he wrapped Snoopy’s doghouse in …

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More on Harriet Glickman

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