2018 Peanuts Comic-con exclusives… in space!

Exclusive ‘zine!

This year’s exclusives from the Peanuts booth at Comic-con will be exciting to many folks that I know, because the theme is space travel! But making me even more excited is that they finally have an exclusive for me. While I accumulate some Peanuts “stuff”, I try to keep my collecting limited to Peanuts books, so all the exclusive lanyards, t-shirts, pins, etc., that they offer most years just bounce right off of me. But this year… they’ve got an exclusive “zine”, a 20-page comic book being made just for this event! So yes, I’ll be standing in line on Preview Night (that’s Wednesday, July 18) to try to snag myself a copy. Sure, it’s $10, but believe me, I’ve spent more for less.

But there are indeed other exclusives for people who like other things.

You like patches? They’ve got patches! $15 for the set.

Need a lanyard? Well, if they end up giving out some murder-show lanyard at Comic-Con again, I might. Four bucks.

Modern and retro astronaut Snoopy figures? $40 for the set.

An insulated water bottle? Twenty-five wet smackers!

I’m not even sure what a phone “pop socket” is, but they have two of them! $10 each.

Do you go bananas for bandanas? You can scarf one up for twelve bucks!

Are you into caps and dogs? Here’s the hat for you and your fifteen slabs American lettuce!

Glow-in-the-dark T-shirts for infants, toddlers, and youths? Two sawbucks each!


Shirts for women, men, and unisexes? A hundred quarters per.

Three miniprints (the other two are of Mars and deep space), five standard-sized bucks for the set.

Seven bucks gets you any one of these nice enamel pins.

And hey, once you’ve bought something, you’re eligible for the daily free button, so be sure to carry your receipt from that purchase with you!

See you at the Con!



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