there is erroneous information on the Internet

I was doing a little research, looking up forgotten hotelier the Reverend Caleb Nimmo for an utterly unPeanuts-related project. One of the genaeology websites, Ancient Faces, had a rather barebones listing for him. The only data they really had for him was birth date, death date, and one location where he lived… but they don’t want you to go away empty-handed. Unable to provide a timeline of his life, they provide a timeline of things that happened in the world during his time on this earth. Included in that was:

1950 – By the time he was 60 years old, on October 2, Charlie Brown appeared in the first Peanuts comic strip – created by Charles Schultz – and he was the only character in that strip. That year, Schultz said that Charlie was 4 years old, but Charlie aged a bit through the years.

Oh, the pain! Not only do they repeatedly misspell Schulz’s name… Charlie Brown certainly wasn’t the only character to appear in the first strip. He’s just the only one whose name was mentioned in that strip. He didn’t even have any of the dialogue!

Sometimes, when you know a little, life uses it to show how little others know.

An unexpected Snoopy sighting

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