2018 San Diego Comic Con for AAUGH blog followers, preview post 1

Comic-Con International: San Diego (or, as everyone calls it, just San Diego Comic Con) is still more than a month away, with the preview night coming July 18 and then four full days of convention excess to follow. But for those who are planning to go (and if you’re not already planning, too late, the tickets sold out months ago), I thought I could drop a couple tidbits.

One is that Peanuts is once again represented among the Eisner Award nominations. This time it’s for Celebrating Snoopy, the oversized hardcover with decades of Snoopy strips. The book garnered noms in two categories: Best Archival Collection/Project—Strips and Best Publication Design. It is not a shoo-in in either category, as the comics industry has really upped its game over the years in terms of strip collections and the design of its higher-end items. Also among the nominees for the Eisner Award (which is the main award given at the convention, and is probably the most prestigious award in American comics) is the magazine Hogan’s Alley, which I’ve been writing for for decades now, and has run many a fine Peanuts article from me and from others.

The other is that if you’re looking for a chance to say “hi” to me, I am currently slated to be there on Thursday and Friday and will be on a couple of panels, so you can find me there. More details as the event approaches… and I expect I’ll be posting details on any Peanuts panels, exclusive Peanuts items for sale there, and so forth.

Comic book Peanuts
Mission Accomplished

While there were lots of bits of business that I had to get done at Comic-Con last week, the one purchase I felt was absolutely necessary was to get a copy of Mission Out of Control, the convention-exclusive Peanuts comic book. After all, I’m the guy who chronicles these things. This …

Snoopy wins an award, and some nun news

At last night’s Eisner Awards, generally considered the biggest awards in the American comics scene, the big thick hardcover strip collection Celebrating Snoopy took home the trophy in the category of “Best Archival Collection/Project – Strips”. Congratulations to the fine folks who put that book together… and to Snoopy himself! And …

Comic-Con Peanuts panels report

Well, my time at Comic-Con is over for the year, but there were two good Peanutsy panels. The first one, covering Peanuts and NASA, I was possibly the last audience member allowed into the very full room. The panelists, including folks from the Schulz Museum, Creative Associates, NASA, and CollectSpace, …