$125? That’s cheep!

A shirt line calledĀ JC#RT (I presume it’s pronounced in the normal way) that specializes in plaid has launched a line of Peanuts-inspired shirts, and while for some of them I can see how they relate the color scheme to the characters they’re linked to, for none of them would I see the shirt out in the wild and think “hey, that’s a Peanuts shirt!”

Well, except for the Woodstock one.

Yeah, $125 is more than I would spend on any shirt, but this shirt definitely says something. What, I can’t be sure, but something!


A jar of Snoopy

I collect Peanuts books; I accumulate other Peanuty stuff. For Xannukah, my kids bought me a Japanese plastic terrarium diorama blind box kit thingy. The one I got is derived from a nice Schulz image. My favorite aspect is the details of the canvas on which Woodstock is being painted.

Snoopy Town

The last Peanutsy place for me to cover from my Japan trip isĀ Snoopy Town Shop, a chain of Peanuts merchandise stores. I stopped by one on the top store of a mall in Kyoto. They carried an array of items, but nothing too surprising – apparel, phone cases, toiletries, figures, …