More North Korean football references

Thanks to a post by comics writer Dan Mishkin, I’ve managed to add to more examples to this array of the “Lucy pulls the football away” concept being applied to the recent discussions with North Korea.


And that, of course, is just its use in cartoons. There’s plenty of use of this analogy in op/eds, such as  Trump won’t be Charlie Brown to Kim’s Lucy with the football  at The Hill and Did North Korea just yank the football — and Trump’s Nobel Prize — away? at the Los Angeles Times, and usage at The Washington Post and CNBC, and Washington Examiner, and the Korea Times, and I just stopped searching after that.

Peanuts as bird droppings

Comics history buff Steven Thompson (not to be confused with pop culture buff Stephen Thompson, son of comics history buff Maggie Thompson; the world often confuses me) pointed out this 1970 ad for the Dayton Daily News. The paper tried using the Dayton Daily News Bird, crafted by comic book …

there is erroneous information on the Internet

I was doing a little research, looking up forgotten hotelier the Reverend Caleb Nimmo for an utterly unPeanuts-related project. One of the genaeology websites, Ancient Faces, had a rather barebones listing for him. The only data they really had for him was birth date, death date, and one location where he …

Peanuts in Vegas

I’m back from my trip to Las Vegas.  The Licensing Expo is an odd experience, with brands both big and small trying to find new outlets for their trademarks. You can be talking to someone who is trying to get some new milage out of once-diseased consumer brands like Ken-L …