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This is just a quick “Thank You” to all of the AAUGH Blog readers who stopped by my booth at the Festival of Books this weekend – both the existing (hi, Jim!) and the ones who grabbed up the blog’s address card and are checking it out for the first time.

The Festival was a great time, even though I was stuck in the booth and couldn’t go exploring and purchasing myself. It was kind of odd running a booth that mixed Peanuts/Schulz material with reprints of the segregation-era travel guide Negro Motorist Green-Book, I had to watch the eyes of the folks approaching to see which topic they were going for sometimes… but the Peanuts fans generally made it easier by shouting, “hey! Snoopy!” (And then there was the little girl who was so proud that she could identify “Noopy!” and “Cholly Bown!” as her Peanuts fan mother had been training her to do. I sometimes wonder when Peanuts will fade out of general public recognition, but we clearly aren’t there yet.

Peanuts panel at Comic-Con 2018

The San Diego Comic-Con is two weeks today, and the schedule is (slowly) being released. Today it was announced that at noon on Friday will be the panel Peanuts Family Album, which is a discussion of the more minor characters in the strip’s line-up. The panel is run by Andrew Farago, …

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Come see the AAUGH Blogger at the LA Festival of Books

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you should go to the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books this weekend! Why? Because books! Lots of publishers, self-publishers, and vendors there to sell you books! Authors there to talk about their books! To sign their books! Most of all, books! (And even …

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Nun cartoons

This is a non-Peanuts post, but I’ve been working on a project which has some overlap in interest, so I thought I’d bring it up. A little while ago, I posted a 1950s cartoon with a nun teaching some native Americans, one of whom was dressed akin to Charlie Brown, …