Charlie Brown is everywhere

Ignore the racist overtones of this 1956 cartoon from the magazine Catholic Extension and focus on the clothes of the boy in the lower left.

Snoopy clothes continue

Sub-blogger Ally continued to test the review samples provided by Love Tribe, of their new Peanuts line available exclusively through Macy’s. This time, she put two garments to the test, giving them a full day of school to do their job (which, as her father, I consider their primary job …

The AAUGH Blog goes athleisure

The AAUGH Blog is, at heart, a books blog. I’m here to talk about Peanuts and Schulz books. Oh, sure, I’ll have an aside here about Hot Wheels or Pop! figures if they catch my eye, I’ll mention the existence of new animated Peanuts, but when companies come to me hoping that …