Stop by your local comic book store

Hey, I’m going to avoid my usual “gift certificates are convenient last-minute gifts” speech, and instead steer those with some holes to fill to head down to their local comic book store. Those shops have been having a fairly tough year and could use the business – and boy, have they got stuff for you. A good shop should be able to sell you not just the books of superhero material that you might expect, but paperbacks filled with adventures of some of your gift recipients’ favorite characters, with everything from Steven Universe to Peanuts to Fight Club. (That’s right, the creator of Fight Club wrote a sequel, as comics.) They also have original literary comics aimed at all ages. Many also carry games, Pop! figures, and other things of a pop culture bent. No need to worry about whether packages will arrive, just walk in with money and walk out with a book. (Or some individual issues as stocking stuffers!)

And hey, some of them even sell gift certificates.

If you don’t know where your local comic shop is, try the Comic Shop Locator!

Charlie Brown, playa

I have no idea whether the copywriter here thought that Patty was Charlie Brown’s main love interest and Lucy his side-piece, or the other way ’round. But in any case, someone needs be shot for putting unneeded quotation marks within a word balloon. Share this:

Guaraldi via Grohl

For those of you what like covers of “Linus & Lucy” – on this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live, the musical guest The Foo Fighters closed the show with a medley that included a nice, hard-rocking take on that song. You can find it online here (you’ll have to watch …

Black Lines Matter

The folks putting together The Complete Peanuts series did a really good job of hunting down the best quality source for everything they reprinted. This can be particularly problematic when one is dealing with older Sunday strips, where one might not be able to find a printing or stat of …