Fire update

I’ve gotten some inquiries for an update on the fire situation here. Yes, the fire has continued to grow and has changed direction at times, but it has not come any closer to central, we’re still about 10 miles away from the closest part of the burn region. We are not in the evacuation region. Folks we know have been evacuated, but as far as we know, none of the people we know have lost houses (although peopleĀ they know definitely have.) If anything, we’re less worried about the existing blaze (it’s the “Thomas” fire, for those keeping track) and more worried about the same conditions that stoked that and several other blazes starting another one. We’ve got perhaps another day of the Santa Ana winds ahead, after that things will hopefully be more manageable.

Our town has cancelled its Christmas parade which was to be tomorrow, but encouraging people to go out and stand in, much less march in, the smoky air would’ve been a bad idea.

We just ordered new curtains. Would we have done that if we thought the house was going to go?

Things that should not go unsaid, and telling the tales of the times

Back in May 2017, in posting about the way Google book search finds the word “Snoopy” in places where it isn’t actually there, I posted one place it found where it was: this cartoon. Now, I didn’t point out the ultra-Peanutsiness of the fact that it’s not just Mr. Snoopy, …

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Travels with Spike

On our way driving home from the Grand Canyon, we found ourselves passing through Needles, California, and so of course, I couldn’t resist visiting Spike. The statue resides in a Subway sandwich shop. The town is into their relationship to Snoopy’s brother in a number of ways. The adjacent convenience …

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My new license plate frame

Now everywhere I drive is considered a deductible advertising expense, right? RIGHT?? I really wanted to make the top line (heart)PEANUTS? but the build-your-own-frame set had no question marks. Which is a bad thing. Unquestionably.