Even more Disney/Peanuts tie in new deal

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Since people reacted so strongly to my noting that the planned Disney/Fox merger would give Disney Fox’s rights to The Peanuts Movie, I thought I would point out one further bit of Dissney/Peanuts linkage it would create: Disney would now own part of Boom! Studios, who through their Kaboom! imprint published the recent Peanuts comic books, and are continuing to offer book-format reprinting of the same.

Now, Disney already has a comics line, a li’l thing called Marvel Comics. And in fact, before Disney bought out Marvel, Boom! did some licensing from Disney – their Muppet Show comic book crafted by Roger Langridge is something that I have held up in the past as an example that licensed comics can be great.  But Boom! lost that license when the Marvel buyout took place.

I doubt this will have much impact on the Peanuts comic books; since Disney will only be a partial owner, Boom! isn’t likely to be folded into Marvel or any such thing. But I thought I would note it nonetheless. (Oh, okay, I’m just trying to satisfy the folks who seem quite taken with my Disney/Peanuts overlap graphic! If you’re reading this actually on the blog website, there it is again!)

Oh, and to answer a question I got on Facebook: to the best of my understanding, no, ownership of The Peanuts Movie does not include the rights to make a sequel to that film. Folks from Peanuts central were saying at the time that Blue Sky did not get sequel rights in the deal. Not that such a sequel would be likely even if they could; while The Peanuts Movie got the best critical response of the studio’s first 11 releases (I haven’t checked on this weekend’s Ferdinand release yet), it did the weakest at the box office.

Comic book Peanuts
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Comic book Peanuts
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Comic book Peanuts
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