Your second chance to buy Peanuts!

Remember not that long ago, when Iconix was selling of their portion of the Peanuts rights, and you were digging through your sofa cushions hoping to find enough money? And the DHX Media went and bought out the rights and you felt that dadgummit, now you’d never own Peanuts? Well, you’ve got a second chance now (although it’s going to cost you a little more), because…

“Canadian production and broadcasting corporation DHX Media has listed itself for sale following disappointing financial results this year.”

Source: DHX Media Puts Itself Up for Sale | Animation Magazine

And remember, you don’t get just Peanuts – you get Teletubbies, Strawberry Shortcake, Inspector Gadget, and oh, sooo much more! Time to turn in all those returnable bottles and see if you have enough!

(Hat tip to AAUGH Blog reader Debbie for first calling my attention to this story.)

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Friend of the blog Jeff alerted us to the fact that the Dallas Morning News has reported a list of books banned in the Texas prison system, and on that list is none other than The Peanuts Collection, the book on Peanuts history written by none other than the AAUGH Blogger …

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