Reports: Schulz home destroyed in blaze

I am now hearing reports that Jean Schulz’s home in Santa Rosa is among the many buildings that have been lost in these wildfires. (To be clear: Jeannie was not in the home, she’s safe.)

I have been fortunate enough to have gotten to stay in the guest home there, which I was just thinking about the other day. Now, by “guest home”, don’t think some little cottage; this was the house that Jeannie had built for herself to retire in – a single story home so that it would be navigable. It had a few rooms, well-designed… and a small half-court basketball court. Little golf practice areas around the edges. And… oh, the guest book will be gone. Lots of good people had stayed there, written in it, and since many were cartoonists, drawn in it.

I don’t care how successful or not you are, losing your home and your comfortable belongings hurts. I wish for her whatever comfort she can find.

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Schulz/Peanuts news
The flames have been closer than earlier maps showed

It’s about 9 PM Wednesday, and looking at the map for the fire – which is only 10% contained – it’s gotten closer. And no rain in the forecast. We could really use some rain. (Added later: folks who are more in touch with what’s going on there tell me that …

Schulz/Peanuts news
Where to direct your charity

With the news about the Schulz home burning in the fire, people are wondering how to help. I’ve already heard people asking if Jean Schulz has put up a Go Fund Me page. To be frank, that seems like an unlikely thing to have happen. The Schulz family is in …