Reports: Schulz home destroyed in blaze

I am now hearing reports that Jean Schulz’s home in Santa Rosa is among the many buildings that have been lost in these wildfires. (To be clear: Jeannie was not in the home, she’s safe.)

I have been fortunate enough to have gotten to stay in the guest home there, which I was just thinking about the other day. Now, by “guest home”, don’t think some little cottage; this was the house that Jeannie had built for herself to retire in – a single story home so that it would be navigable. It had a few rooms, well-designed… and a small half-court basketball court. Little golf practice areas around the edges. And… oh, the guest book will be gone. Lots of good people had stayed there, written in it, and since many were cartoonists, drawn in it.

I don’t care how successful or not you are, losing your home and your comfortable belongings hurts. I wish for her whatever comfort she can find.

Peanuts back in space!

The Peanuts folks have put out a press release announcing a new effort with NASA, the National Air and Space Administration, about their plans to generate new educational content and a school curriculum for teaching about deep space exploration. They say that more details will be released at Comic-Con next week. This …

Schulz/Peanuts news
Guess who just bought a big chunk of Peanuts??

The Hollywood Reporter is Hollywood reporting that entertainment giant Sony just bought 39% of the holding company that exists to hold the rights to Peanuts. They bought just short of half of the share that DHX Media bought a year ago. This means that the ownership breaks down like this: …

Schulz/Peanuts news
Peanuts Global Artist Collective

Now this is cool! The Peanutsy folks have announced the Peanuts Global Artist Collective, an international public art effort were seven selected artists/teams are doing public art using the Peanuts characters. They’re permitted to do their own interpretation of the characters, or to use Schulz art, or to mix things together …