Doctor Who Do You Think You Are, Charlie Brown?

AAUGH Blog Reader Todd alerts us to some Peanuts references in an unexpected volume. Now We Are Six Hundred, with it’s A.A. Milne-reference title, is a collection of James Goss’s poems inspired by that central inspiration of all great poetry, Doctor Who. The Peanuts-related material is not within the poems themselves, where you will find the Doctor’s robot dog sidekick K-9 asleep on top of a doghouse and the Doctor himself (the fourth Doctor, for those in the know) dangling from a kite-eating tree. Now, the Peanutsing up of the material may seem a little odd at first, but it makes a little more sense when you know who illustrated: Russell T. Davies, who many the Doctor Who fan will know as the show runner who revived the series to great acclaim, and who obsessive Peanuts book folks (and you don’t know anyone like that, do you?) will know as the guy who wrote the introduction to the UK edition of The Complete Peanuts volume 5, 1959-1960, replacing the Whoopi Goldberg introduction that appeared in the original US edition.

Things that should not go unsaid, and telling the tales of the times

Back in May 2017, in posting about the way Google book search finds the word “Snoopy” in places where it isn’t actually there, I posted one place it found where it was: this cartoon. Now, I didn’t point out the ultra-Peanutsiness of the fact that it’s not just Mr. Snoopy, …

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Not that Snoopy, but that-Snoopy adjacent

  Released last month is a book that the Amazon listing callsĀ Open Source Space: Snoopy Come Home, although the book cover callsĀ Open Source Space: A Match Made in the Heavens. The former title is not without its legitimacy; this is a science fiction tale built around an attempt to retrieve …

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Good Grief, Another Museum Catalog

London’s Somerset House is hosting a Peanuts exhibition through March 3, with both Schulz material and Peanuts-inspired contributions from 20 artists… and a couple of you fine AAUGH Blog readers pointed me toward their exhibition catalog (thank you, Kathleen & Douglas!) I don’t have a copy of it yet to …