Snoopy clothes continue

Sub-blogger Ally continued to test the review samples provided by Love Tribe, of their new Peanuts line available exclusively through Macy’s. This time, she put two garments to the test, giving them a full day of school to do their job (which, as her father, I consider their primary job to be keeping her from being naked at school, as I believe that violates the dress code.)

First up are the Peanuts X Love Tribe Juniors’ Team Snoopy Jogger Sweatpants, about which she had this to say:

  • The pants started off feeling a bit stiff, but that feeling wore off as the day wore on. They just needed a little breaking in.
  • Not enough Snoopy! There’s just one little Snoopy at the bottom of one of the legs.
  • Very stretchy
  • The little waistband overlap part in the front just looks nice.
  • Seriously: not enough Snoopy!
Regarding the Peanuts X Love Tribe Juniors’ Snoopy Graphic Ringer T-Shirt:
  • Finally, a reasonable amount of Snoopy! (Editor’s note: in addition to the big obvious foreground Snoopy, there are about 50 overlapping background Snoopies covering the entire garment. I suggested to the sub-blogger that we might have to wash it separately, so that we don’t end up with Snoopies on all our clothes; she just clapped, because she thought that would be a good thing.)
  • Cute!
  • Fairly comfortable, although the design patch that makes up the main Snoopy felt a little weird.
  • The colored collar ring that makes this a “ringer” t-shirt is nice.
  • If you accidentally put it on inside out, it wouldn’t look half bad; the interior has Snoopies!

I have a feeling we’re going to see this on her a lot in the coming days.

To see all the items in this line, head over to

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