Big Books from the big box store

From time to time, I get questions about how to buy The Big Book of Peanuts series, and they tend to be tough to answer. I understand why people would want these books, as each of them has a whole decade of the Peanuts daily strip (no Sundays.) While there are sometimes used ones available on Amazon, in general they are tough to find. I’ve only ever seen new books available in the big box membership stores like Costco, and then only around the Christmas season. When people have asked me to pick them up, well, these are big heavy books that are a pain in the tuchis to ship.

But at the moment, Costco is selling them online, and at a reasonable price – $24.99 each including shipping (At the store, they sell them for about $5 less.) The bad news is that you still have to be a Costco member to order them… but I bet if you could find a Costco member friend anywhere, they’ll probably be able to order them shipped to your US address. Worse come to worse, a Costco membership runs $60 per year.

There are four volumes out to date. I’m hoping that this holiday buying season will bring us the final one.

Peanuts shorts (as in animated, not pants) sale

At the moment, ‎Peanuts by Schulz: The Complete Collection is marked down in iTunes to just $15.99.  This is the relatively recent European production of 104 episodes which run about seven minutes apiece, which means it adds up to around 12 hours of adapted-from-the-strip goodness.

Big Peanuts Kindle sale

Fantagraphics is having a big sale on the digital editions of their books – including all their Peanuts books! Volumes of The Complete Peanuts are $7.99 apiece. Smaller books like Charlie Brown’s Christmas Stocking, $2.99! If you like your books on your Kindle device, go buy now!

Free Comic Book Day – tomorrow

I’m interrupting your usual Peanuts-y news for a reminder that the first Saturday in May – and as I type this, that’s tomorrow – is Free Comic Book Day. Odds are pretty good that if you walk into a comic book store tomorrow, you’ll be able to walk away with absolutely …