While I may have gotten some of you down the other day with mention of Peanuts  things that will only be available to you if you have a no-longer-available Comic-Con badge, I’ve got some good news: if you happen to be in San Diego anyway during the Con, there’s some Peanuts stuff that you can get into without a badge (I assume)!

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that here will be a display of the “Snoopy & Belle in Fashion” dolls in San Diego during the Con… at a special Peanuts pop-up store at 226 Fifth Avenue. That’ll be near the convention center, so attendees can easily go, but not in the convention center.

New dolls by new designers have been being added fairly frequently to the collection, and this display will be the debut of figures decorated by design house tokidoki. I’ll be sure to stop by when I’m at the con (I’ll be there for just one day, Saturday, this year.)