The envelope please!

Why yes, I did just buy another copy of Linus on Life just so I could have the envelope it originally came with.

No, you have too many Peanuts books!

Classic finds
Insecurity is a need to parody

AAUGHtober keeps bringing me interesting things. I’ve become somewhat obsessed with Kanrom, a 1960s publisher of humor publications, often with a raunchy and/or Jewish bent. I’ve talked previously about the fact that they published not one but two parodies of the best-selling Peanuts book Happiness is a Warm Puppy in 1963, entitled Happiness …

Classic finds
The Keyring Komix

AAUGH Blog reader Douglas believes he has acquired a complete set of those Hallmark books-on-keyrings that I’ve blogged about recently, and was kind enough not only to share his list of what titles exist – he actually offered up his doubles for the Reference Library, doubling up the number …

Classic finds
The Flying Ace’s keyring

When collecting Peanuts books, there are often times where I have to ask myself “is this a book?” One of these is an odd line of items that Hallmark out out in the 1970s, which I mentioned a couple times over the past decade. They are bound by a single …