Whee! Three Kings are coming

This is an interesting stage for someone who has a small part in Peanuts history. Tennis great Billie Jean King was a friend of Schulz’s, and they worked on each other’s books (Schulz did a lot of good illustrations for Tennis Love.) And now she’s in a curious position for a real, still-alive person: there are apparently three films being made about her. Well, about her and one odd competition she got into, which was publicized as a major part of the battle for women’s equality yet seemed quite silly to me at the time… but actually oddly seemed to have an impact, despite of the very manufactured nature of it. I don’t know how I’d feel if that was being done about me. (Then again, if Emma Stone played me, I’d be fine with that, as unlikely as that casting may seem. Because Emma Stone.)


Black Lines Matter

The folks putting together The Complete Peanuts series did a really good job of hunting down the best quality source for everything they reprinted. This can be particularly problematic when one is dealing with older Sunday strips, where one might not be able to find a printing or stat of …

Big nose, big heart, big name

Peppermint Patty did not come into the strip with a full name (as Charlie Brown did), nor did she make it through her run without gaining a last name (as Franklin did), nor lacking a first name (as Schroeder did.) She was around for years before the name of Reichardt …

An unlicense plate holder?

CafePress is a service that lets you take an image and publish it for sale on a number of print-on-demand items – t-shirts, posters, mugs, and more. It’s pretty easy to take an image and say “just put this on everything”… which is how you get things like this “Snoopy” …