Whee! Three Kings are coming

This is an interesting stage for someone who has a small part in Peanuts history. Tennis great Billie Jean King was a friend of Schulz’s, and they worked on each other’s books (Schulz did a lot of good illustrations for Tennis Love.) And now she’s in a curious position for a real, still-alive person: there are apparently three films being made about her. Well, about her and one odd competition she got into, which was publicized as a major part of the battle for women’s equality yet seemed quite silly to me at the time… but actually oddly seemed to have an impact, despite of the very manufactured nature of it. I don’t know how I’d feel if that was being done about me. (Then again, if Emma Stone played me, I’d be fine with that, as unlikely as that casting may seem. Because Emma Stone.)


Charlie Brown, playa

I have no idea whether the copywriter here thought that Patty was Charlie Brown’s main love interest and Lucy his side-piece, or the other way ’round. But in any case, someone needs be shot for putting unneeded quotation marks within a word balloon. Share this:

Stop by your local comic book store

Hey, I’m going to avoid my usual “gift certificates are convenient last-minute gifts” speech, and instead steer those with some holes to fill to head down to their local comic book store. Those shops have been having a fairly tough year and could use the business – and boy, have …

Guaraldi via Grohl

For those of you what like covers of “Linus & Lucy” – on this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live, the musical guest The Foo Fighters closed the show with a medley that included a nice, hard-rocking take on that song. You can find it online here (you’ll have to watch …