This Week In “I Bet That’s Not Licensed”

There’s been a sudden spate of print-on-demand Peanuts titles that are setting off my “doesn’t look licensed” radar.

Let’s see: There’s this coloring book:

It it’s out-of-ratio cover doesn’t trigger your suspicion, there’s the fact that its descriptor actually calls it “(Unofficial Snoopy Book)”, as if that makes it a-okay! (The back cover has an ad for a similar Star Wars coloring book.)

And then we get to the notebooks!

And then there are these “Snoopy” books that can likely get away without a license, because it’s not-that-Snoopy.

Classic finds
That Ketcham/Schulz Golf Journal cover

I get emails from time to time which boil down to “can you tell your readers about my eBay auction of Peanuts stuff”, and it is my policy to ignore them. I’m making an exception in this case for a very specific reason. When I posted a couple years ago …

New releases
A whole lotta Linus going on?

I’ve now received Peanuts Vol. 9, the latest (but not the last) in the books collecting the KaBOOM! Peanuts comic book stories. The cover… well, I really like many of the KaBOOM! covers as art pieces. This one, which stylistically matches previous covers with other characters, is an interesting Linus piece. But …

New releases
A one-hour book

I finally picked up my copy of Peanuts 5-Minute Stories, an anthology of a dozen previously-published stories for children. Some of them are culled from the square storybooks that Simon Spotlight has been issuing, others from board books. All of them had to be re laid out to some degree to …