This Week In “I Bet That’s Not Licensed”

There’s been a sudden spate of print-on-demand Peanuts titles that are setting off my “doesn’t look licensed” radar.

Let’s see: There’s this coloring book:

It it’s out-of-ratio cover doesn’t trigger your suspicion, there’s the fact that its descriptor actually calls it “(Unofficial Snoopy Book)”, as if that makes it a-okay! (The back cover has an ad for a similar Star Wars coloring book.)

And then we get to the notebooks!

And then there are these “Snoopy” books that can likely get away without a license, because it’s not-that-Snoopy.

New releases
Review: The Complete Peanuts Family Album

There have been enough Big Books About Peanuts that the trick on writing them is to find a new angle. The angle for The Complete Peanuts Family Album is to do a deep dive, covering all of the characters in Peanuts, anyone who had a name and a few who didn’t. This …

New releases
Snoopy’s Letters to Santa

After doing a rather strange little we-won’t-accept-the-coupon-so-you-have-to-order-online-use-the-coupon-there-and-have-them-ship-out-the-book-to-the-store-which-you-then-come-pick-up-even-though-we-have-copies-just-sitting-here-on-the-shelves dance with my local Hallmark store, I finally have a copy of Letters to Santa, a new hardcover Peanuts storybook written by Bill Gray and illustrated by Rich LaPierre. This starts with the kids writing letters to Santa (something they did in the strip), …

New releases
The Coloring of Money

Why spend $6.99 apiece for two volumes of unlicensed Peanuts pictures printed out of ratio when you can get both in one volume behind a hideously-designed cover for a mere $9.99??? That’s the question that Snoopy Coloring Book Volume 1-2 is designed to answer. I don’t know which part of it …