The Peanuts Character Whatever

We have a cover for the book that’s been announced as The Complete Peanuts Character Encyclopedia… only now it seems to have the title of The Complete Peanuts Family Album. It’s still by Andrew Farago.

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It is full of detail, and make a great trivia “how many can you name” challenge. Like… is that Lydia, or is it someone else? Less informative is the interior spread examples that are now on Amazon, which shows four images from the interior of the book… each of which looks like this:

Knowing Andrew, the book will be far more fascinating than that!

On-air interview

I was interviewed by Ken Gale for WBAI’s Hour Of The Wolf (which is actually two hours, wolves must be bad at telling time) last night. We did touch on Schulz, although largely it was a wider-ranging talk on my publishing efforts. You can find it in the WBAI Radio Archives (but …

A recommendation you can trust

Ad taken from the website. Can you blame him? Share this:

The AAUGH Blog Podcast episode 03: Franklin’s real life mother – The AAUGH Blog

The new episode of the podcast, an interview with Harriet Glickman (the woman whose suggestion caused Schulz to add Franklin to the Peanuts cast) is up at: The AAUGH Blog Podcast episode 03: Franklin’s real life mother  (I apologize for those of you seeing two notices of this new episode, …