I got the AAUGH.com Reference Library copy of Hugs for Snoopy – really, I got two copies, because sometimes I forget that I preordered something, and preorder it again. It doesn’t happen very often, thank goodness. I really don’t need two of these for reference; they are particularly hard to shelve, because the stuffed head on the front isn’t exactly good for stacking next to other books.

This is a board book has Snoopy sharing hugs with various characters on five two-page spreads (or if you have two copies, ten spreads.) Really, the cover is the highlight. It looks like Snoopy was having his picture taken in one of those pose-here locations where you stick your head through a hole in a painted picture to make it look like you’re the painted character… and it’s a picture of himself.

Hey, if you saw one of those with a picture of you, you’d have your picture taken, right?