Free Comic Book  – three lovely words

Free Comic Book Day is coming up this Saturday, and once again comic shops across the English-speaking world will be giving away free comic books. Some comic shops will only let you have one, some will give you a good fistfull… but hey, any free comics are great.

There’s no Peanuts content this year, but there’s probably something there for you among the 50 different titles being given away. Like those big superhero films? There are free Guardians of the Galaxy and Wonder Woman issues. Like your sci-fi media? Doctor Who and Avatar are also represented. Cartoons from Underdog to Rick and Morty. Barbie and Monster High. The Tick, the Turtles, and Riverside. Spongebob and the Simpsons. Fresh Off the Boat? Of course! Want edgy, comics-original stuff? Try Fantagraphics World Greatest.

So head on over to the Free Comic Book Day website, where you can look up the nearest participating shop… in fact, find the several nearest shops, get more comics, and while you’re there browse the stores – there’s plenty of good stuff worth spending money on. A good shop will have much for you to come back for, again and again.

Free Comic Book Day – tomorrow

I’m interrupting your usual Peanuts-y news for a reminder that the first Saturday in May – and as I type this, that’s tomorrow – is Free Comic Book Day. Odds are pretty good that if you walk into a comic book store tomorrow, you’ll be able to walk away with absolutely …

Sale – Snoopy the Flying Ace Stuffed Animal and  Storybook Set 

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I’m to blame for Schulz forgeries!

EBay is, unsurprisingly, awash in fraud. It gets pulled in many ways, including knock-off items and forgeries. Cartoonist Terry Beatty (currently of the “Rex Morgan” newspaper strip) has been doing a good job of highlighting tracings and fakes being passed off as original drawings by famous cartoonists – and given …