There may be ad money better spent

If you go to and search for Peanuts, you get a screen like this one, bracketed with ads for The Peanuts Movie – only in theaters.

Of course, The Peanuts Movie left US theaters over 10 months ago, after the last 15 theaters showing it had a final weekend where the average per-screen take was $84. And it hasn’t been only in theaters for over a year, given its release to the home video market.

I’d hate to be the guy who saw this ad and rushed out to the theater to catch a showing!

Animated Peanuts
The bull has pulled the football away

Ach, I was wrong in a previous forecast; Ferdinand has had more legs than I expected, and The Peanuts Movie is once again the lowest-grossing feature film that Blue Sky Studios has released. Share this:

Animated Peanuts
Deluxe Pumpkin cover

Here we have a first look at the cover to It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: Deluxe Edition, the new book adaptation which will hit sincere pumpkin patches (as well as Amazon) this July (and is available for preorder now, of course.) The cover is by the ever-talented Vicki Scott, and …

Animated Peanuts
Out of the cellar

The Peanuts Movie, which had the distinction of being the best-reviewed film Blue Sky Studios ever produced (judging by both the Rotten Tomatoes aggregate score;  Metacritic puts in in second) also had the more dubious distinction of being Blue Sky’s lowest grossing film ever, bringing in $246 million worldwide. Now, …