There may be ad money better spent

If you go to and search for Peanuts, you get a screen like this one, bracketed with ads for The Peanuts Movie – only in theaters.

Of course, The Peanuts Movie left US theaters over 10 months ago, after the last 15 theaters showing it had a final weekend where the average per-screen take was $84. And it hasn’t been only in theaters for over a year, given its release to the home video market.

I’d hate to be the guy who saw this ad and rushed out to the theater to catch a showing!

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The Mouse gets more Peanuts

Just a quick note that today’s announced Disney buyout of Fox’s entertainment units snags them just a little more of the Peanuts rights – specifically, the buyout would get them  rights to The Peanuts Movie, created by the Fox-owned Blue Sky Studios. (Disney is also the current licensee for certain Peanuts …

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A Charlie BANNED Christmas

Following up on yesterday’s post about how Texas prisons have banned The Peanuts Collection, I should note that that’s not the only Peanuts book they’ve banned. They’ve also banned the book adaptation of A Charlie Brown Christmas… and since they are, presumably, wise followers of this blog (all the best people …

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I’m an Amazon! And I’m Prime!

If you have both Amazon Prime and some strange urge to see the AAUGH Blogger talking, go watch the Amazon Prime Video steam of Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tales, because for some reason after the special they have tacked on “Sibling Rivalry,” a documentary featurette about Rerun Van Pelt that was …