The Big Boxes

I’m oddly happy about the fact that the boxed sets of the Italian edition of Complete Peanuts have not two volumes in them, but five, giving you a complete decade in one toss. I also rather like that this box shot is one of the images that their Amazon UK listing presents:

I kind of think that there should be a Bookcase Edition of The Complete Peanuts; all 26 volumes packed in a specially designed bookcase, just put in up against the wall and you have all the Peanuts supply you’ll ever need!

Charlie Brown, playa

I have no idea whether the copywriter here thought that Patty was Charlie Brown’s main love interest and Lucy his side-piece, or the other way ’round. But in any case, someone needs be shot for putting unneeded quotation marks within a word balloon. Share this:

Stop by your local comic book store

Hey, I’m going to avoid my usual “gift certificates are convenient last-minute gifts” speech, and instead steer those with some holes to fill to head down to their local comic book store. Those shops have been having a fairly tough year and could use the business – and boy, have …

Guaraldi via Grohl

For those of you what like covers of “Linus & Lucy” – on this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live, the musical guest The Foo Fighters closed the show with a medley that included a nice, hard-rocking take on that song. You can find it online here (you’ll have to watch …