Peanuts Pick-Me-Ups

The new Hallmark gift book Good Grief! Peanuts Pick-Me-Ups for When You Need ‘Em Most is filled with two-page spreads mixing Peanuts illustrations with pithy “buck up!” advice, telling you how to deal with life’s struggles. Thrown in through the book are nine daily strips, with spot coloring. Everything is printed on grey paper with faint images of Sunday strips on them, like they are reusing faded old paper rescued from the papier mâché pile. It’s not exactly much of a read for the price, but it should make a decorative shelf piece. It’s a reasonable piece of bric-a-brac.

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Review: The Complete Peanuts Family Album

There have been enough Big Books About Peanuts that the trick on writing them is to find a new angle. The angle for The Complete Peanuts Family Album is to do a deep dive, covering all of the characters in Peanuts, anyone who had a name and a few who didn’t. This …

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Snoopy’s Letters to Santa

After doing a rather strange little we-won’t-accept-the-coupon-so-you-have-to-order-online-use-the-coupon-there-and-have-them-ship-out-the-book-to-the-store-which-you-then-come-pick-up-even-though-we-have-copies-just-sitting-here-on-the-shelves dance with my local Hallmark store, I finally have a copy of Letters to Santa, a new hardcover Peanuts storybook written by Bill Gray and illustrated by Rich LaPierre. This starts with the kids writing letters to Santa (something they did in the strip), …

New releases
The Coloring of Money

Why spend $6.99 apiece for two volumes of unlicensed Peanuts pictures printed out of ratio when you can get both in one volume behind a hideously-designed cover for a mere $9.99??? That’s the question that Snoopy Coloring Book Volume 1-2 is designed to answer. I don’t know which part of it …